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How do you log in to the platform?

Step 1: Check Your Email

  • Once you have signed up with Flowace, you will receive an email on the registered email Id from the company.
  • To locate the email, log in using the email address that is registered with your Flowace account.

Step 2: Locate the Email

  • Check the inbox to locate the email from Flowace.
  • This email has the login credentials needed to access the Flowace account.
  • It will also have a link to login your account.



Step 3: Click the URL

Click on the hyperlink and access the login page of the platform.


Step 4: Enter Your Credentials

  • Once the page opens, you need to enter the login credentials received in the mail.
  • Fill in the user name or email ID followed by the password provided to you in the email.



Step 5: Log In

  • After this, you can click the  “Log In” or “Sign In” button on the platform’s login page.
  • You can now have access to your account and the platform’s features.