Tricks To Cheat Employee Monitoring Tool?

Automating Mouse Movement

Monitoring tools track mouse movement; automate it with scripting or third-party software to simulate activity even when away.

Using a Window as a Red Herring

Leaving a non-work-related window open and active on the desktop can create the illusion of productivity for monitoring software, even when the user is not actually working.

A Second Monitor

Having a second monitor can give the appearance of productivity, as one monitor could display work-related content while the other is used for personal activities or distractions.

Falsifying Timesheets

Employees may falsify timesheets to appear active during idle periods, but this is unethical and carries serious consequences if caught.

Using a Virtual Machine

Running a virtual machine can create a separate space for personal activities, but monitoring software might still detect activity.

Tampering with the Software’s Code

Some may try to alter monitoring software code to hide or change data, but this is unethical, potentially illegal, and can result in severe consequences if caught.

Attach a battery operated toy to the computer’s mouse

Attach a battery-operated toy to the computer mouse to simulate activity and trick the monitoring software into recording work.